Holy Guacamole Batman!

Batman looking thoughtful

It’s officially superhero week this week*, so I’m planning a fabulous time hanging out with pictures of Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr. looking moody. Batman is definitely the moodiest of all Superheroes so I’ve started with him.

*in my world

Here’s a quick Batman sketch I did on my iPad: him looking moody in front of a full moon, in the dark and in the snow perhaps?   I’ll have to work this up into a full painting and see how it turns out. I love the film noir qualities of modern Batman, but part of me longs to have the Adam West version back: when Batman embraced kitsch and still wore baggy grey tights with shiny purple pants over the top.

Not so much:

It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me

but more:

Let that be a lesson. In future, be more careful from who you accept free lemonade.

Batman looking moody

Robin: “You can’t get away from Batman that easy!”
Batman: “Easily.”
Robin: “Easily.”
Batman: “Good grammar is essential, Robin.”
Robin: “Thank you.”
Batman: “You’re welcome.”

Ah those were the days… I might have to do an Adam West version too. Purple pants and all. After all, if anyone ever needed reminding not to take themselves too seriously it’s definitely Bruce Wayne.



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