Places Which Haunt My Dreams: Machu Picchu


Machu Picchu illustration

I designed the website for Orient Express Holidays years ago, and spent many a happy afternoon gazing at photos of exotic and luxurious resorts. Much as I would have loved to arrive in Venice on the Orient Express, the place which really captured my imagination was always Machu Picchu.

The idea of this abandoned Inca city high in the clouds made me yearn to travel and I’d still love to see it for real one day. I’m slightly skeptical of travelling half way around the world with the aim of just seeing one thing though, what if I turned up and it was shrouded in thick fog and all I could see was llama poo and millions of other tourists in pac-a-macs..? Is it better to keep this one thing as a dream? Should I stick to just drawing pictures of it?

Machu Picchu in the fog
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Draw me Everest


Well that’s one new year’s resolution which fell flat isn’t it? I haven’t quite managed to draw every day, partly because I couldn’t think of anything I felt like drawing, but I have at least started again!

Draw Me Tuscany


A vineyard in Tuscany *sigh*. Oh what I wouldn’t give to be somewhere like that right now (in the summertime!) rather than here in the bleak wet middle of winter. Olive groves, Cypress trees, beautiful stone villas and rolling countryside. Hand me that glass of Chianti and my sunglasses please. Lovely!

Draw Me The English Coast

Draw Me The English CoastI had to completely redraw this picture because my Sketches app gave up the ghost and I couldn’t get into it to save the picture. Grrr. Long story short, I had to remove and reinstall the app losing all my pictures. 

Gutting but I guess these things happen eh? At least I’d uploaded some of them here so they’re not lost completely! I don’t know how difficult this is from the original I did but it seems to have turned out OK, not as specacular as the Switzerland or Cote D’Azur pictures but I do love that gorgeous rolling green countryside. Makes me yearn for summertime!

Draw Me the South of France

South of France at night

2 views of the South of France, another one of my favourite places in the world. I’m not completely happy with this view, it didn’t really turn out as well as I hoped, but I think I prefer the night time version of the view to the daytime one (below) – what do you think?

Cote D'Azur


Draw Me The Man In The Moon

Woman in the moon

Man in the moonThis ended up being a woman in the moon rather than a man in the moon. It kind of reminds me of the bizarre man in the moon from the 1902 silent movie ‘Le Voyage dans la lune‘ (A Trip to the Moon), although all men in the moon tend to look a little strange I guess!

If you haven’t seen the original movie I’d urge you to take a look (below). It’s only 15 minutes long and is incredible for something filmed in 1902, it’s so inventive! It was also the first ever science fiction movie. It’s fascinating to see what people thought the moon would be like half a century before we actually went to the moon. It’s full of suprises which you just wouldn’t get now: wasp-like jumping aliens, snow, oh and the stars are much prettier than the moon!


I love the fact that the space ship landed in the moon’s eye!

Man in the moon

Photo from ‘Le Voyage dans la lunesource and copyright: This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 70 years or less.

Draw Me Switzerland


I love Switzerland, despite the fact that I had a nightmare experience there as an au-pair when I was a teenager! (I bottled-out and went home after a few days!) I can’t get over those mountains. For someone who has grown up somewhere pretty much flat they’re just so big, and amazing. I’d never get tired of a view like this! The mixture of grass, sunshine, snow and mountains is my perfect environment!  Which version of the landscape do you prefer, daytime, or nighttime (below)?