Win a Classic Hollywood Art Print

To celebrate the end of romance week on my blog I’ve decided to giveaway this print of Cary Grant and Grace Kelly kissing (pictured below) to one lucky reader!  The print was designed by me and is printed onto vintage 1950s book paper making it a beautiful and unique addition to any wall.

Classic Hollywood Kiss

**Please note the prize is for the print ONLY, and does not include the mount or frame.**

– printed on vintage 1950s book paper.

– The measurements of this print is 17cm x 24cm / approx 7″ x 9.5″

How to Enter:

You can enter in various different ways:

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Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me #2: Vintage Kisses

Following on from my post about on-screen couples of the Golden Age of Cinema, I couldn’t resist looking around for some real life romance. These photos were all taken during between the 1910s and 1970s and are less glamorous but far more sincere!

Without reading the captions, can you tell which of these photos is the fake kiss amongst all the genuine ones?

A welcome home kiss, 1919
A wounded soldier receives an affectionate welcome home in Sydney Australia, 1919.

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Places Which Haunt My Dreams: Machu Picchu


Machu Picchu illustration

I designed the website for Orient Express Holidays years ago, and spent many a happy afternoon gazing at photos of exotic and luxurious resorts. Much as I would have loved to arrive in Venice on the Orient Express, the place which really captured my imagination was always Machu Picchu.

The idea of this abandoned Inca city high in the clouds made me yearn to travel and I’d still love to see it for real one day. I’m slightly skeptical of travelling half way around the world with the aim of just seeing one thing though, what if I turned up and it was shrouded in thick fog and all I could see was llama poo and millions of other tourists in pac-a-macs..? Is it better to keep this one thing as a dream? Should I stick to just drawing pictures of it?

Machu Picchu in the fog
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Simply Malificent!

What a perfect name for a baddie eh?  It’s much better than the pixie names. I’d rather be bad and called Malificent than have a name like Thistletwit, Knotgrass or Flittle any day of the week!

It’s Angelina Jolie’s 40th birthday today, so to celebrate here’s a sketch of her looking suitable magnificent, mellifluous, murderous, malificent. Happy birthday Ange!

Angelina Jolie as Malificent


Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me…

My inspiration this week is all about romance. Today I’m wrapped up in famous on-screen pairings: whether it’s Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire or Bogie and Bergman I’m loving every minute of it! It reminds me of that scene at the end of Cinema Paradiso, where you see a montage of all the on-screen clinches which were cut from movies of the 30s and 40s – it’s fabulous (I’ve included that clip at the bottom of the post if you haven’t seen it before).

I’ve already added a couple of steamy silver-screen-inspired prints to the store and there are more to come. Viva L’amore! Check them out and let me know what you think!

Here are some of my favourite on-screen smooches of all time. Who do you think had the best on-screen chemistry?

Original studio publicity photo of Anthony Perkins and Audrey Hepburn for film Green Mansions, 1959.

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Did You Win Batman? Plus A Half Price Discount Code!

Wow, what a fantastic response! For somebody who just opened their first Etsy store I’m delighted that so many people entered to win my Batman print, thank you so much!

Now I AM going to announce the winner, but first as a thank you to everybody who entered the competition I’m offering a whopping 50% off in store until Wednesday – just use code DMR50JUN at checkout!  I’ve added lots of new prints in the last week (plus another Batman print if you didn’t win this one) so go check them out before the code expires!

Here are some of my favourites:

Etsy coupon discount code

Oh, and the winner of the Batman print is (fanfare please…) Tracy Hanson!  Congratulations Tracy, I’ll be in touch to arrange delivery of your print!

Comic-Themed Cake Toppers by Plasticsmith

Getting married and feeling a bit stuck for cake toppers? Do sugar paste flowers just not float your boat? Me neither! However, if you’re a bit of a superhero fan then I may have found the perfect thing for you!

I love how varied and exciting Etsy sellers are, and happily spend hours browsing around randomly which is how I discovered Plasticsmith.

Wedding Cake Topper - Batman & Harley Quinn
Wedding Cake Topper – Batman & Harley Quinn

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