Bring on the Super Women!

Well it’s Sunday and officially the end of my superhero week, and I decided to focus on the super women today. I’ve done some silhouette prints of Catwoman and Wonder Woman and I’ll print a version of this picture as soon as I get my printer re-calibrated (reds aren’t printing at the moment which makes poor Lynda Carter look a bit jaundiced!).

I’m also planning on getting a picture done of Harley Quinn before the week is out, but who else should I include? Batgirl? Barb Wire? Barbarella? Who’s your favourite female superhero?

Right I’m off to get my star-spangled knickers on now. Just as soon as I find a phone booth…

Wonder Woman

Retro Catwoman Art Print

P.S. The catwoman print is now available on a t-shirt at!


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