Draw Me Tuscany


A vineyard in Tuscany *sigh*. Oh what I wouldn’t give to be somewhere like that right now (in the summertime!) rather than here in the bleak wet middle of winter. Olive groves, Cypress trees, beautiful stone villas and rolling countryside. Hand me that glass of Chianti and my sunglasses please. Lovely!


3 thoughts on “Draw Me Tuscany

  1. Did you paint from a photo? Digital painting?

    Have you ever been to Tuscany? Italy and Greece can be equally lovely. Though, I saw more color in Italy. But, if you are used to snowy/icy winters like me, you won’t want to be in Italy in the summer:P It’s just too HOT! Try going between November and February.


    1. Hi

      I found a digital photo on a Google image search and used that as inspiration. I have been to Tuscany, although not for many years. I’d love to return 🙂


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